I’m a fellow small business owner and love everything about small business and the stories of the people behind them. 


I’m a published author and one of my most favourite things to do is write copy for small business owners introducing them to their audience through a lens of connection and emotion. 


Emotive and authentic copy introducing your business is crucial for creating a connection between you and your customer. 


Have you ever heard the saying “Sell the sizzle, not the sausage”? 


Well I’d love to help create the sizzle, the story and the emotion behind you and your brand to help your customers engage, trust and fall in love with what it is that you offer. 


I have over 2 1/2 decades of small business knowledge crammed into my head and I'd love to share with you!


Here's a few little fun facts :


Founder of Be Sejuiced 2002-2004 Australias first Organic All Natural vending machines with nutrition panels to allow for dietry requirements and allergies. 

Founder of Lakeland Design Pty Ltd 2004-2017 (Interior Lifestyle brand)

Founder of Thrive Organic 2014-2017 (Organic Tea)

Founder of Emotionology 2019-present (Little cards for BIG feelings)



I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor and love all things wellness. I am a huge mental health advocate and am commited to raising awareness in this space.


During covid I launched a fundraiser called Kindness Lives here, where I partnered with Beyond Blue and we created colourful stickers for our front windows and wheelie bins to create a vibrant reminder that we were still all connected.


I am passionate about female owned small business and will always be your biggest cheer leader.

Love Tab xx